UCL Energy Institute


Owain Jones

Thesis title: The deployment of micro-CHP in the UK and its role in a future low carbon energy system

Primary supervisor: Dr. Paul Dodds
Secondary supervisor: Prof. Paul Ekins

Sponsor: EOn

Starting date: January 2013
Projected completion date: January 2016

I am interested in energy systems and how they will change in response to the growing need for low-carbon sustainable energy. In particular I am interested in how new technologies, such as micro-CHP will be deployed to achieve this. My PhD will examine the economic viability of micro-CHP and the impact it will have on electricity and gas networks using energy systems models such as the UK TIMES model.

I have previously done research into the feasibility of local authorities meeting a large amount of their electricity needs from local renewable energy sources, and on examining the availability of renewable energy globally in 2050. 


I graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Physics in 2010, after which I went on to do a MSc in Environmental Technology, also at Imperial.

After finishing my MSc, I undertook research work at Imperial. This included working as part of the Supergen Hi DEF hub, where I looked at the devolution of energy generation in the UK, and wrote a paper which is currently awaiting publication.

Also at Imperial I took part in an interdepartmental project commissioned by AREVA, examining predictions for the global energy system in 2050. My role ion this was to examine the amount of renewable energy that would be available in different regions across the world. 

Publications and other work

Jones, O., 2010. To what extent can local areas become energy self sufficient in the UK? Available from Imperial College Central Library.

This publication is my MSc thesis report, a copy of which is available from Imperial College Library.