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TReQ project launched to improve transparency, reproducibility, and quality of research

13 January 2022

Video series guide produced by UCL Energy Institute and CREDS researchers introduces the TReQ (Transparency, Reproducibility, Quality) principles.

Close up photo of the white concrete curved panels of the Aqua skyscraper, Chicago, USA.

Are you researching energy systems and demand, or other applied multidisciplinary subjects? Interested in learning more about why and how to make your research more transparent, reproducible and high quality? Or introducing these topics into your teaching?

A series of short six short videos have been produced by CREDS (Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions) researchers at UCL Energy Institute to introduce the principles behind creating more transparent, reproducible and high quality research and explain their importance and general benefits.

Gesche Huebner, Mike Fell and Nicole Watson, reflect on the extra challenges that applied research poses in the videos, and introduce four tools that researchers can use to improve the ‘TReQ’ of their work. The project is designed to support self-directed learning or for use as teaching material.

There are further resources related to this project including workshop materials and further reading on the TReQ Open Science Framework website.

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