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UCL Energy Institute

We deliver world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security.
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Study with us

From data analytics to environmental economics, we equip graduates with the tools needed to succeed in a career in energy industry, academia or policy.

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Our research

Energy problems are multidisciplinary in nature, spanning science, engineering and the social sciences. Our research combines different approaches to develop tools, models and methods that address global energy challenges.

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Partner with us

Most of our work is in partnership with industry, government and other academic bodies, ensuring that what we do has a real-world impact.

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New ways to trade green energy

New research from Dr Michael Fell at the UCL Energy Institute envisions a future where peer-to-peer energy trading is more common using trade systems that are fairly designed to provide the widest possible benefits for consumers, society and the environment. 

Using AI cover image

Using AI to cut industrial carbon emissions

New research from Aidan O'Sullivan at the UCL Energy Institute shows how AI is saving millions of tonnes of carbon from the single largest industrial emitter: cement

Shipping deacrbonisation cover image

How shipping can set the course for decarbonisation

New Bartlett Review article by Tristant Smith shows how UCL research is helping create pathways for green energy to power the global shipping industry.

Unextractable fossil fuels cover image

Fossil fuel phase-out is crucial to limit global warming

New Bartlett Review article by Steve Pye and James Price shows how UCL research is guiding the phase-out of fossil fuels, estimating 60% of oil and gas and 90% of coal reserves need to remain in the ground

Islington social housing cover image

Decarbonising London's social housing

New Bartlett Review article by Steve Evans shows how London’s Islington Council has partnered with UCL to decarbonise social housing in pursuit of net zero


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