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Zhuoya Chen

Zhuoya Chen

Manager, Market Cooperation & International Affairs Department

China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI)

Zhuoya Chen graduated from MSc DAP at UCL, she has entered China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI), China’s first non-profit platform to promote sustainable finance and now she oversees both Market Cooperation (Secondary Market) and International Affairs Department. She jointly curated ESG Investing Frontiers Forum, China’s first ESG investing forum targeted at practitioners and established an ESG investing network consisting of government officials, senior executives from financial institutions, scholars, media and NGO leaders in China. She also helped promote China’s leading sustainable finance practice and strengthen international exchanges by motivating CASVI to join UN PRI, UNGC, GIIN and AVPN etc. Prior to joining CASVI, she interned at Schneider Electric, Gemdale Corporation and TCL Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree of Humanistic Studies and a double degree of Business Administration at Wuhan University.

One-year study experience at DPU has extended my horizon on Development Studies and helped me accomplish my career shift from a HR professional to a development professional. Thanks to the deep dive in the NGO and Microeconomics courses, I learned how to maximize the power of the intermediate non-profit organizations and leverage private capitals to accelerate positive impact. More importantly, DAP inspired me to deal with dynamics among different stakeholder groups, which specially comes from the discussion of mock scenarios in Windsor. I am personally very much impressed by the diverse environment DAP provides because your classmates are from all around the world, much more like a small United Nations! The project experience working with my classmates makes me more confident and considerate to communicate with international partners. I hope you enjoy the program and join the journey of pursuing global sustainable development.