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Windsor Workshop

Windsor Workshop
The DPU’s Windsor Workshop is a residential workshop held in Cumberland Lodge, located in the beautiful surroundings of Windsor Great Park, with supplementary meetings in London. 

The workshop is a crucial part of the DPU and an important part of the introductory activities organised for new students.

Through a dynamic role-play, participants across different courses engage in the complex process involved when multiple actors negotiate over development strategies.

Since 2016 the case study city has been Medellin, Colombia. Previous case studies have included Dar es Salaam and Chennai.

Development Workshop || 2020: COVID-19 and post-pandemic responses: laying the foundations for pathways to urban equality

23 October 2020 - 06 November 2020 

This year, the DPU is moving its annaual residential workshop in Windsor, online. In light of the pandemic, the online workshop will be held over two weeks of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, engaging students to explore cases in the global South from the DPUs KNOW programme. The workshop will provide a space to reflect on the extent to which organisational and institutional practices, in the context of COVID-19, are contributing to shaping pathways to urban equality. Navigating the difficult trade-offs of the current context, the workshp will aslo look towards developing an ethics of professional practice, considering various scenarios and tensions between mutiple actors, scales, and long-term risk reduction. 

2016-2018 Medellin, Colombia

Using the case of the internationally acclaimed city of Medellin, students will explore how actors use their leverage to negotiate urban transformations whilst debating the new imperatives for rethinking the role of the planer in the face of the Habitat III - New Urban Agenda.

In particular, the workshop will focus on the urban strategies encapsulated in three strategic sites of the city where the motivations, interests and resources of urban dwellers, local government officials, civil society, private sector, and international agencies in Medellin will be deployed in myriad ways.