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Sara Granados

Learn about Sara Granados, Development Planning MPhil/PhD student starting her studies in 2023.

About Sara Granados

Here is Sara Granados, a Colombian student of the Development Planning MPhil/PhD course at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit.

Sara's thesis is titled 'Rivers run dry, streets are flooded. On amphibious "habitatio"' and explores amphibious territory, public space, hybrid governance, and ecological art. 

Sara's previous training and special interests

I am a hybrid researcher in art, ecology and society. My training does not respond to a single disciplinary home, drifting between ecology and politics, with a special interest in ways of inhabiting changing environments, food and water systems, and urban metabolism. 

Where it all began for Sara

I began my artistic and poetry practice in Santiago, Chile, where I lived for more than 15 years, linked to workshops and outreach programmes of Chilean and Colombian art collectives. My explorations lead me to investigate the traces of power in the physical and emotional territory, the amphibious world and the geomorphological transformations we have generated on a plural and planetary scale.  

Sara's professional practice

My professional practice is developed around food systems-governance in Latin America and the Caribbean, working with the international cooperation in projects formulation and public policies dialogue and implementation, in topics as prevention of food loss and waste, urban food agenda, urban green infrastructure, sustainable food systems. 

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Primary supervisor: Dr Liza Griffin

Secondary supervisor: Professor Robert Biel

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