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Changemakers AI co-creators

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14 July 2023

Changemakers AI co-creators project is a series of mini projects funded by UCL changemakers. It is a co-creator AI initiative that seeks to provide some more structure and concrete ideas on how AI can be usefully explored and utilised within our discipline. It is a project that was open to all members of staff and students who are interested in understanding AI and its use in education. This project emphasises the collaboration of students and staff in efforts to explore best practice in using AI as a tool for teaching and learning. This mini project will last a span of up to 5 weeks between the beginning of July to Mid - August.


The project focuses on the DEVP026 Food and the City Module by Prof. Robert Biel.

Our aims are to first understand and establish the pedagogy that will inform how we carry out this project and establish how much we can do in the short time frame and have outputs that can be shared of our work for potential further research. Using Paulo Freire’s pedagogy of co learning and producing knowledge as partners. Professor Robert Biel and student Wacera Thande are co-creators in this project. We aim to understand the potential role of AI in education, as a co learner and co – creator in the classroom through different modes of learning that will be explored.


Prof. Robert Biel and MSc SDP Student Wacera Thande