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The impact of the presence of the university in fragile neighbourhoods

Exploring the different dimensions of the relationship between universities and fragile neigbourhoods starting from reflecting on the Polytechnic of Milan’s Off Campus initiative in San Siro (Milan)

banner on side of building in San Siro, Milan

19 April 2023

This page contains the outputs of a collaboration between Prof Francesca Cognetti, DAStU, Polytechnic of Milan, and Andrea Rigon, DPU, which focused on the impact of the presence of the university in fragile urban neighbourhoods. The collaboration started during a period in which Andrea was a visiting researcher at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Polytechnic of Milan (April-July 2022), conducting research in partnership with the Mapping San Siro research group founded and led by Prof Francesca Cognetti.


Andrea Rigon

Francesca Cognetti


This is a first Discussion Paper (in Italian) with the first analysis of the learning and impact of Off Campus activities in San Siro’s neighbourhood.