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Comparative urban design: Border making practices in Medellín & Beirut

Comparative urban design: Border making practices in Medellín & Beirut

20 September 2018

E-book ISBN: 9780995527966

Edited by Catalina Ortiz

The “Cities, Design and Transformation” series emerged within MSc Building and Urban Design in Development as a way to compile, reflect on, and spread the body of knowledge and experiences emerged from the course. Through a publication series composed by issues focused on specific cities, we aim to communicate our experiences, methodologies and research.

The book offers comparative reflections on what pedagogies of urbandesign can offer to the challenges posed by contested cities around border-making practices. The volume brings together reflections from three cohorts of students, teaching andresearch fellows as well as scholars and activists whose workfocuses on the cities of Medellin and Beirut. This publication captures not only discussions on the pedagogies for addressing urban design in cities that have experienced armed conflictbut also on the multiple understandings of urban borders and the possibilities around their interventions through design.

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