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The Challenge of Environmental Management in Urban Areas

4 November 2011

A collection of ground-breaking and thought-provoking papers written by some of the most distinguished, internationally known names in the field of urban sustainability. The experience of urban environmental management is presented from several countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. While containing critical analyses, the emphasis is placed on achievements and promising developments of vital importance to local administrators, policy-makers, town-planners, academics, environmentalists and students alike.

Edited by Adrian Atkinson and Julio Dávila, Development Planning Unit - University College London (UK), Edésio Fernandes, Institute of Commonwealth Studies (UK), and Michael Mattingly, Development Planning Unit - University College London (UK). Authors:
Adrian Atkinson
Julio D Dávila
Edésio Fernandes
Michael Mattingly.

Publication Date: 2001

ISBN:1 84014-525 0 (UK bookshop price: £42.50; from www.bol.com: £38.25).



  • Policy and Politics in Urban Environmental Management
  • Creating Metropolitan Environmental Strategies
  • Issues of Inequality in Managing Water Supply in Asian Cities
  • Environmental Management in the Cape Metropolitan Area
  • The National Urban Parks Programme in Santiago, Chile
  • The Governance of Waste Management in African Cities
  • What’s Health Got to Do with it? Using Environmental Health to Guide
  • Priority-setting towards Equitable Environmental Management in Cities


  • Management of the Urban Environment
  • Air Pollution in São Paulo: The Challenge for Environmental
  • Co-responsibility and Innovative Crisis Management
  • Sustainable Urban Development and the Urban Poor in Rio de Janeiro
  • Solid Waste Management in Copenhagen
  • The Social ‘Nature’ of Floods in Buenos Aires: Rainfall Increase or Higher Vulnerability?
  • Solid Waste Management in Colombo
  • The Working Group Approach to Environmental Management under the Accra Sustainable Programme
  • The Development of a Systematic Approach to Urban Environmental Planning and Management in Thailand


  • Organisation and Politics in Urban Environmental Management
  • Beyond the Myths of the New Environmental Localism
  • Local-International Partnerships in Metropolitan Environmental Management: Latin American Experiences
  • The Local Agenda 21 Process in the United Kingdom: Lessons for Policy and Practice in Stakeholder Participation
  • Negotiating the Local-Central Government Relationship: Experience from Flood Hazard Management
  • Decentralisation, Local Autonomy and Metropolitan Influence: The Case of Salvador, Brazil
  • Controversy over the Preservation of a Metropolitan Area’s Fresh Water Reservoirs: Legal Instruments and the Politics of Environmental
  • Management in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Research-Management as an Approach to Solving Environmental Conflicts in Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of the Manizales-Villamaría Conurbation, Colombia
  • Community-Based Environmental Management in Urban Tanzania

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