The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 113

Urban Spatial Planning and Public Capital Investments


16 December 2000

Authors: Michael Mattingly & Haryo Winarso

Publication Date: 2000

Investment in infrastructure is needlessly wasted because urban managers do not adequately plan the place, sequence and time of construction. A small expenditure on good planning can bring benefits that are so much greater as to make the failure to plan a ridiculous oversight.

Improvements to development management have rarely attempted to dramatically change the dominant urban planning practice, even though it has most often proved unable to guide public investment to greater efficiency and effectiveness. The need for change is an expressed concern of the Urban Management Programme of UNCHS/WB/UNDP (UMP, 1991; Dowall and Clarke, 1991) and is reflected in numerous points of the Habitat Agenda adopted in Istanbul in 1996 (UNCHS, 1997). 

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