The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 90

Development Planning For Urban Places: Is Anyone Doing it?


25 July 1998

Authors: Mattingly, Michael.

Publication Date: 1998

The purpose of this paper is to define a form of urban planning which pursues economic, social, and physical betterment and, therefore, merits the title "development planning" for urban areas because it matches the use of the term when applied to nations, regions, and peoples. In order to illustrate this form of urban planning, activities of the Greater London Council in the early 1980s will be examined.

It will be argued that those activities demonstrated, as have few others, that urban development planning can be practised, raising the question of why it has not been widely carried out, given that statements of intentions to achieve the development of a city or town are so ubiquitous.

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