The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 45

Family composition and housing consolidation: The case of Queretaro, Mexico


12 September 1985

Authors: Sylvia H. Chant

Publication Date: 1985

The aims of this paper 1 are twofold: first, it attempts to assess the significance of household composition in the context of housebuilding and improvement in irregular settlements in central Mexico 2 . Second, it aims to identify the nature of the relationship between women and housing in these settlements. Attention is drawn in particular to the following: the way in which women's involvement in decision making over housing varies according to family type and the implications of these variations for housing standards; the way in which women's domestic labour is affected by housing; and the nature of the contribution made by women in the self-build process. The paper concludes with a brief review of the potential impact of family structure and gender relations on housing policies.

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