The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 31

A critical evaluation of the role played by NGOs in the provision of housing

15 February 1985

Author: Nora Walker

Publication Date: 1988

In the past decade there has been a deepening of the development crisis and a worsening of the housing situation in most developing countries. In addition it has become increasingly apparent that the majority of the population's housing needs are not being met by either the state or the market. The failure of existing approaches to housing and the demonstrated success of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in meeting the housing needs of the poor, albeit on a very small scale, have led to a growing interest in the role that these organisations can play in the provision of housing and other developmental efforts. This interest is evidenced by the numerous international conferences 1 and growing body of literature on the subject (eg. Turner; 1988, Drakek; 1987). It is also apparent in the increasing amount of bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid being spent on or through NGOs (de Graaf, 1987; Van Heemst, 1985). For example in the past 10 years the EEC's contribution to NGOs has
increased by 543 % (Stevens et al, 1985-6).

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