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UDP London Projects

Each year, from September to December, UDP students engage in a UK practice engagement. This forms part of the core practice module and builds on an action research approach.

UDP London

Refined in partnership with community groups / networks, the UDP London project aims to actively engage with local communities around planning and policy processes to promote more socially, spatially and environmentally just development outcomes in the city. It acts as a key foundation for the subsequent overseas fieldtrip component of this module.

During this engagement students explore knowledges, tools and skills required to become reflexive urban development practitioners. The London project also provides a practical introduction to processes of co-production for strategic action planning, which students later hone further during the international field trip.

Since 2014, the UDP programme has partnered with the Just Space network to design and deliver the London project, tackling issues such as Social Impact Assessment (2017/18); Youth Engagement (2016/17); Diversity and Inclusion (2015/16) and Olympic Regeneration (2014/15). Just Space is an informal alliance of community groups, campaigns and concerned independent organisation formed in 2006 to act as a voice for Londoners during the formulation of planning strategies in the capital.

For more information on any of these projects, please see below.

MSc UDP London Project (2020/21): Tracing evolving narrative(s) of community planning in London pre- and post-COVID-19
In Autumn 2020, UDP students conducted remote interviews with sixteen community organisations involved in campaigns to promote more just planning in London. Building on a longstanding collaborative partnership between the programme and a London-wide network of community campaigns and organisations called Just Space, the purpose of these interviews was twofold: (1) to support the Just Space network in tracking the impact that COVID-19 and associated lockdown measures were having on London’s diverse communities; and (2) to gather grass-roots ideas to feed into a broader conversation about how London might build-back fairer after the pandemic. Designed as a first step towards the production of Just Space’s Community-Led Recovery Plan for London, this project captured and amplified unheard stories of community struggle and resilience in the face of COVID-19.
Some of the findings from this project were distilled and embedded in an audio-map which can be viewed here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=107p1NdUf6HN9u7qQSCnTLhWWLMtAPLdT&ll=51.51915485164722%2C-0.09756134999999944&z=12'


MSc UDP London Project 2017/18 – Assessing Social Impact in London

In a dense, interdependent and unequal city such as London, Just Space argues that the social impact of development should be given equal weight, in planning decisions, to other impact assessments.

Working with community groups in both Haringey and Southwark, 2017/18 MSc students developed inclusive social impact assessment tools that can be used by Just Space to promote alternative development models that are responsive to the needs of diverse communities and respect the irreplaceability of community assets and social infrastructure.

MSc UDP London Project 2016/17 – Youth Engagement in London Planning

For those working for socially and environmentally just cities, the exclusion of young people from formal planning is of profound concern.

Working with community and youth groups across London, 2016/17 MSc students interrogated current processes for youth engagement at different scales, and sought ways in which such processes could be improved, extended and strengthened for London’s 18-25 year olds. The below ‘Youth Engagement in London Planning’ report encapsulates the key learnings derived from this multi-actor engagement.

MSc UDP London Project 2015/16 – Addressing Social Inclusion in the New London Plan

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the European Union and one of the most unequal. This project asked how London planning could respond to this reality?

Working with community groups across London, in 2015/16 MSc UDP students studied the challenges and opportunities facing different minority interest groups in the capital, formulating policy proposals for inclusion in the then emerging London Plan.

The findings of this action-research were integrated into Just Space’s Towards a Community-Led Plan for London

Student report

MSc UDP London Project 2014/15 – Optimising the 2012 Olympic legacy in East London

London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games built on the promise that bringing a mega-event to East London would catalyze socio-economic gains for some of Britain’s most-deprived communities.

Taking stock two years after the closing ceremony, 2014/15 MSc Students were asked by Just Space to revisit the so-called Olympic Legacy in East London in order to help the network’s future engagement with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and amplify community voices in the ongoing regeneration of East London.