The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Careers and employability

MSc Urban Development Planning is widely recognised by both national and international organisations.

These include UN agencies and the World Bank; bilateral aid organisations from different countries, including the UK's Department for International Development, as well as other government aid programmes.

The UDP programme is a core course at the Development Planning Unit and alumni benefit from the international respect enjoyed by DPU thanks to its expertise in and contribution to urban development and action planning globally.

There is enormous variety in the careers UDP graduates pursue, ranging from working with UK-based organisations in the public, private and community sectors that focus on local as well as international development, to employment with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations operating in a development capacity in the South.

A global network

There is wide geographic spread of UDP alumni: some return to their home countries with the additional MSc qualification and engage in the practice, teaching or research of urban development; others find employment in international development organisations (from grassroots to multilateral tiers) away from their own countries.

DPU boasts a global network of UDP alumni across many continents, countries and organisations, often facilitating that essential first introduction of a UDP graduate into employment.

For more on the potential of alumni pathways, read the reflections some of our Alumni have written on their career trajectories here.


Based on a series of recent joint MSc UDP and BUDD fieldtrips to Thailand, the DPU, together with Thailand’s Community Organisations Development Institute (CODI) and the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) and the Community Architects Network (CAN), has launched a novel Junior Professional Internship Programme. For more information, read here.