The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Careers and employability

The course attracts participants from a wide variety of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, international studies, history, communication studies, geography and psychology.

The course focuses on linking an analysis of social development theory with the application of practical development methodologies. The emphasis on UK based and international field work gives student a level of practical experience which is not offered by comparable social development Master’s courses.

This puts participants in a good position to pursue careers in international development, by applying acquired skills on the ground to support relationships between community groups and development actors. 

Graduates of the course have moved into a range of professions, including work in:

  • international NGOs, in both specialised social NGOs (for example NGOs concerned with gender equality, youth, or disability) and social roles in mainstream development NGOs 
  • bilateral development agencies as social development specialists 
  • national government in positions related to social policy 
  • private sector companies engaged in social appraisal, social research and consultancy.

The course has also provided many graduates with the basis to continue into PhD research.