The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Veronica Saud Casanova

Nationality: Chile

Year of entry: 2015

Veronica is a Chilean architect, MSc Urbanism. Her practice has been mainly focused on Urban Projects and Studies, specifically related to Assessment, Formulation and Management Plans and Projects of Public Investment for Santiago Regional and Local Governments. The main cores were: Environment, Urban Development, Transport and Public Spaces, with particular attention in infrastructure and facilities to promote the bike as a mode of transport.

In terms of Project Management, she provided technical assistance for the Santiago Metropolitan Regional Council in projects related to Bike Lane Projects, Regional Bike Lane Masterplan, and Public Bicycles for Santiago, among the main.

She has participated in the International Research Mission Assessing Public Bike Systems. Paris, Strasbourg and Barcelona cases (Santiago Metropolitan Regional Government and Regional Government Ile de France) and the intersectorial workshop to develop the standards and recommendations for design Bike Lane in Chile.

She also has directed a research project and report for the declaration of a group of salines (prehispanic salt evaporation ponds) as National Historic Monument: “Las Salinas de Cahuil, Pichilemu. VI Region of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile”, framed on sustainable land-use planning, which associated a set of different types of interventions according to the characteristics and requirements, combining diverse factors, like heritage, local history and environmental problems.

Veronica was teacher assistant in Urban Planning and Environment at Universidad Central de Chile.

Currently, her research interests are focused on Bicycle Users, Route Choice, Public Space and public policies to promote the bike as a mode of transport from the perspective of the urban experience in the travel, understanding the characteristics and requirements of the people, their context, perception and needs, considering also the social and environment factors, in the context of urban planning and mobility.