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Vanessa Galeano–Duque

Vanessa Galeano – Duque was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, and completed her studies as Economist from Universidad of Antioquia (Colombia) and Political Scientist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia). She also holds a Master in Regional Science from Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile). Prior to becoming a DPU PhD student, Vanessa participated in research projects dealing with housing issues and regional disparities. Likewise, Vanessa had been member of consultancy projects dealing with urban/metropolitan planning issues, infrastructure impact evaluation and urban crime in Colombian cities. Vanessa has worked as a teacher in Microeconomics and Principles of Economics in Unviersidad Católica del Norte and Universidad Nacional de Colombia for undergraduate students.

Title: Urban policy and economic development: Going further into agglomeration economies

Keywords: city economy, urban planning, agglomeration economies

Vanessa’s PhD research aims to study relationship between urban policy and economic performance, taking Medellin city as an empirical reference and the pro-poor urban policy conducted by the city since 90’s. Specifically, she intends to explore the underlying mechanisms strengthening agglomeration economies that can be tackled through urban planning in cities of the developing countries. Her research is focused in understanding impacts of urban planning on fostering productivity, increasing employment and reducing inequalities.