The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Rachel Valbrun

Nationality: USA

Year of entry: 2014


Although having a specific interest in architecture, I have enjoyed studying and practicing in urban design, historic preservation, landscape architecture, and architecture.

Research information

Title: The Analysis of Natural Disasters and Urban Development Responses in the Reconstruction of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Keywords: Disasters, Urban Development History, Reconstruction, Haiti


This research aims to understand how to reconstruct Port-au-Prince, Haiti based on the history of urban development, disaster reconstruction, and the factors that has created the city that Port-au-Prince is today. The research includes surveys of the original 17th and 18th century colonial development plans, subsequent government mandates, and natural disasters along with each of their corresponding plan revisions to identify what has influenced Port-au-Prince’s urban development. Two key factors that contribute to an understanding of the history of Port-au-Prince’s urban development are how the original plans were influenced by social, political, economical, or infrastructure ramifications, and how those plans were revised in response to natural disasters. While discovering informative conclusions from evaluating history, this research will identify major practical and theoretical guidelines for reconstruction. The primary contribution will be an application of these guidelines in a set of design recommendations that relate planning questions to architectural implementation with a system of improvement over time.


Cassidy Johnson
Caroline Newton