The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Nouf Al-Mogren

Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Thesis: Economic and Financial Development in Saudi Arabia: the Relationship between Local and National Economies
Key Topics: Economic Development – Financial Development – Local Governance


I am an MPhil/PhD student studying the Economic and Financial development efforts in Saudi Arabia, with a special focus on the capital, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is undergoing an ambitious development plan ‘Vision2030’, through which it aims to be one of the top 10 leading economies in the world.

I am interested in understanding the similarities and differences between the current development efforts and all past economic development plans, the link and ideal balance between the national and local economies in policy generation, and the feasibility of making Riyadh an International Financial Center and a Global City.

My professional experience is mainly in Academia, where I taught Finance for undergraduate students at a private non-profit university (Prince Sultan University), in my hometown, Riyadh. 

I earned my BSc degree in Finance from Prince Sultan University. And my MSc degree in Banking and Finance from King’s College London. 

Primary supervisor: Prof. Le-Yin Zhang
Secondary Supervisor: Prof. Michael Walls