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Mohammad Arifuzzaman

Mohammad Arifuzzaman

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Thesis: Climate Change Vulnerabilities in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Dwelling Management System for Coastal Area Cities

Key Topics: Climate Change Vulnerabilities, Compact Township, Urban Planning, Climate Adaptation.


Professionally I am an Architect and an educator in the field of Architecture at a public university in Bangladesh. I completed my Bachelor of Architecture from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka (2016) and my Master of Science degree in Urban Management from the Technical University Berlin, Germany (2020).

My research touches the ground of multidisciplinary interests. It tends to see the urban planning and development policies through the lenses of climate adaptation with a critical understanding of climate impact vulnerabilities, socio-economic exclusion-inclusion, the idea of compact townships, and decentralization of urban facilities.

I am interested to study the climate impact vulnerabilities and how the urban development policies and planning frameworks interact for adaptation in a developing context. My research focuses on analytically understanding the climate vulnerability from the grassroots level in the context of Bangladesh and reflecting the insights into the urban development policies and planning theories.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling to new places and observing peoples’ lived life. I also enjoy preparing good food and taking part in academic debates.

Primary supervisor: Prof. Dr. Cassidy Johnson

Secondary Supervisor: Dr. Donald Brown


  • Commonwealth PhD Scholar from Bangladesh
  • Languages: Bengali, English, and a bit of German