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Emily Miles

Emily Miles
Title: "Beyond Gender Balance: An exploration of gender in UK Major Projects using Action Research”

Key Topics: gender balance, women, leadership, project management, infrastructure, diversity

My research interests are gender, development, leadership and healthcare. I have worked for a range of organisations – from small patient’s rights charities to bigger international NGOs, and most recently for the UK’s National Health Service. There, I worked with staff across the health service to develop their leadership skills and capabilities. An experienced programme manager and facilitator, I am a passionate believer in the importance of creating working environments where everyone can thrive. I live in South East London and have family from across the world, particularly France and Norway. I did my BSc at Bristol University and my MSc at the LSE, specialising in Gender, Development and Globalisation.

For my PhD, I will be expanding my interest in the production and reproduction of gendered inequalities, turning my focus to the sector of major projects and the built environment. This studentship sits between the DPU and the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management and is funded by the ESRC. My research will examine the impact of gender balance initiatives and inquire into broader themes of social inequality using action research. Over the next three years, I will be working with senior leaders and diversity professionals in UK major projects to deliver sustainable and effective policies. I believe that research should be impactful and accessible for practitioners, hence my choice of methodology. As part of my PhD, I am convening a community of research-practitioners that collaborate across the industry to transform issues of gender equality, leadership and culture – and to ultimately enhance the social value that major projects bring to the UK.  
Miles, E. (forthcoming) ‘Can Inclusive Leadership Save the NHS?’, NHS Health Education England
Miles, E., Herstad, M. and Shand, T. (2014) ‘Masculinities, Alcohol and Gender-Based Violence: Bridging the Gaps’, MenEngage Africa [published online here]  
Miles, E. (2013) ‘Investigating Genderless Utopias: Exposing the Sexual Harassment of Female Protestors in the Egyptian Uprisings of 2011’, Graduate Journal of Social Science [accessible online]  
Miles, E. (2011) ‘Occupy LSXual Harrassment’, blog posted on LSE Engenderings [accessible online]