The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Asimina Paraskevopoulou

Architect Engineer graduate of the National Technical University of Athens and postgraduate studies on Urban Development Planning, Development Planning Unit UCL. Her research interests embrace the examination of collective organizations’ practices in relation to their spatial expression in urban complexes. Her latest research focused on exploring insurgents’ activities and actions of social movements’ political claims in public space (MSc Dissertation: Social movements’ political space and austerity policies – Athens, Greece).

She has worked with several NGOs in collaboration with the public sector in Athens as a member of AFH Athens (former Architecture for Humanity Athens), mainly in participatory design projects concerning the re-use and rehabilitation of desolate buildings. Currently, she is involved in research pertaining to the role of infrastructural design in addressing resilience within urban settings, investigating the notion of insurgency and its relation to politics of urban governance.

Complementary to her research work she also practices art through photography trying to connect the intertwined territories of social science, art and architecture through the visualization and correlation of distinct social realities to her personal experiences.