The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Arwa Musaaed


Nationality: Qatari

Thesis: Qatar International Aid and Its International Positioning Advantages and Disadvantages: Before and After the Blockade 2017-2020

Key Topics: (Aid, Qatari NGOs, Qatar Blockade, Qatar’s foreign policy)



I am a PhD candidate studying the links between Foreign Aid, Politics, NGOs and development, with primary concentration on Qatar as a case study. I am examining this interesting topic with a closer look at before and after the blockade as a timeframe. I have a decent level of understanding on Qatar Aid agencies and how they work, which will help me perform my research study with a fair distance from many key stakeholders.

I have noticed how new alliances has been starting to be publically announced when Qatar was almost attacked by its neighbouring countries just before the blockade started in 2017. This was the main trigger for my desire to study this in a scientific way as my research focus.

I have now more than eight years’ experience in the development sector and have met with many officials from INGOs inside and outside Qatar, as well as understood how our Qatari ministry of external affairs is aware of Qatari INGOs work. This experience was instrumental to me as it helped me understand how this sector influential factors are interrelated especially when it comes to Qatar positioning regionally and globally.

My research will answer questions related to Qatar’s INGOs work and value add to Qatar security and positioning.

In my spare time I enjoy walks, music and reading about political views.

Primary supervisor: Dr. Andrea Rigon
Secondary Supervisor: Dr. Michael Walls


  • I am a graduate of Qatar Leadership Centre “Executive Leadership Program” 2016 in collaboration with Harvard University “USA”, Cambridge University “UK”, and other sound educational institutions worldwide.
  • I have completed my Masters (MA) in Educational Leadership at Qatar University, Qatar back in 2008.
  • I am a member of INEE– International network for Education in Emergencies.
  • I am a member of S4D– Sports for Development network.
  • I speak Arabic (native), English (fluent) and little French.