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Dr Pascale Hofmann

Dr Pascale Hofmann

Associate Professor in Environmental and Sustainable Development

Development Planning Unit

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
5th Mar 2003

Research summary

My research lies within the field of urban environmental planning and management often using urban water supply and sanitation as an entry point.

I adopt a Feminist Political Ecology (FPE) perspective and draw on principles of socioenvironmental justice, which enables a critical exploration of the production and reproduction of inequalities and potential pathways to challenge and alter these. My work further incorporates insights from the agency-structure debate and intersectionality scholarship to allow for an integrated and multi-scalar interrogation. This allows examinations that go beyond sectoral approaches and considers interlinkages with other key aspects (e.g. between water supply and land and housing tenure, access to finance and collective action). 

Part of my research has focused on different aspects related to water supply and sanitation in urban and peri-urban areas. More recently, I have been particularly concerned with an in-depth examination of service provision trajectories, exploring how the urban poor move in and out of situations where they lack adequate access to services and how they do so in different ways. My research places emphasis on the interrelations between policy-driven and everyday practices and investigates how spatial and temporal aspects intersect with other factors and relations in shaping individual trajectories.

I have been part of a collaborative research examining the role of sanitation in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets to unveil synergies as well as trade-offs and to gain an understanding of the need for integrated approaches and cross-sector collaboration in meeting the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Agenda. I am further part of a large collaborative sanitation research that aims to shed light on the gaps, and support the synergies, between grid and off-grid sanitation efforts and the wide spectrum of practices in between.

Another strand of my research falls within DPU‘s research portfolio on the peri-urban interface (PUI) and rural-urban linkages. This has dealt with questions around governance, the challenges and opportunities for reusing urban waste in peri-urban areas as well as the harnessing of reciprocal rural-urban linkages.

Teaching summary

I consider teaching as an opportunity to share insights and findings from research and consultancy work and a way to engage students in an exploration of real-life situations. Apart from leading the two modules listed below I further provide inputs into DEVP0022 Environment and Sustainable Development in Practice.

DEVP0021 Urban Environmental Planning and Management in Development

DEVP0025 Urban Water and Sanitation, Planning and Politics


Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), ATQ07 - Holder of a PGCE in higher education, secondary edu, further edu, life long lear |
University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Engineering | 2018
University College London
Other higher degree, Master of Research | 2013
University College London
Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), Postgraduate Certificate | 2011
University College London
Other higher degree, Master of Science | 2002
Leibniz Universitat Hannover
Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), Diplom- Ingenieur | 2000


Pascale is an Associate Professor at the Development Planning Unit, UCL, and Joint Programme Leader of the MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development

I am an urban environmental planner whose expertise lies within the field of urban environmental planning and management and urban sustainability. I have over 15 years of experience conducting research and consultancy work in the urban global south and Europe.Most of my research centres on urban and peri-urban water supply and sanitation to explore the scope for adequate and equitable access to services and the sustainable use of resources. My current research is particularly concerned with the dialectics of service provision poverty, examining different policy-driven and everyday practices and their impact on everyday trajectories of the urban poor to generate knowledge towards developing feasible pathways out of it.

I hold an EngD and MRes in Urban Sustainability and Resilience and an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from UCL and a 'Diplom' in Landscape Planning and Open Space Development from the University of Hannover, Germany.