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DPU welcomes outcome of UKRI report on Research England EDI expert advisory group

5 March 2024

The DPU welcome the findings of the UKRI independent report which confirms that there was no substance to the Secretary of State's allegations against our colleagues from DPU, UCL and at Heriot-Watt University and members of the Research England EDI Expert Advisory Group.

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The reality in our view is that it was evident from the outset that these allegations were without merit and we believe that they should never have proceeded to formal investigation.

Further, we have the utmost respect for the academic and personal integrity of both of the colleagues named by the Secretary of State and call on all those in leadership positions, whether political, academic or administrative, to recognise and support the urgent need for academics to engage in conscientious, principled and evidence-based debate on the critical challenges that face us.

That includes the responsibility to recognise and to speak up against atrocities and malign actions wherever they might occur. Far from representing support for ‘extremism’, as claimed by the Secretary of State, reflexive performance of that duty represents a fundamental aspect of our public purpose as academics.

We are nevertheless delighted at the exoneration of our colleagues and applaud the reinstatement of Research England’s EDI Expert Advisory Group.

On behalf of the staff of the Development Planning Unit (DPU), UCL (University College London).

Prof Michael Walls

DPU Director