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Dr Alessio Kolioulis delivers speech at the recent Stadt Nach Acht conference

15 January 2024

DPU’s Dr Alessio Kolioulis recently delivered a speech on establishing an EU standard for nightlife research at the 'Stadt Nach Acht' conference in Berlin.

Dr Alessio's speech in Berlin

At the Stadt Nach Acht conference, Dr Alessio Kolioulis’ talk focused on pioneering an EU standard for nightlife research where he discussed various aspects of industry standards and classifications, particularly their application to the night-time economy.

He also highlighted the importance of harmonising these standards at an EU level and the methodology employed by the Greater London Authority in identifying night-time industries and workers. 

Dr Kolioulis said: “I discussed pioneering efforts towards establishing an EU standard for nightlife research. This year's conference, with over 1250 participants from more than 20 countries, was seen as a great success by the organisers. It was good to be part of this dialogue and contribute to shaping the future of urban nightlife studies in Europe." 

Dr Alessio Kolioulis is the Co-Programme Lead of the Urban Economic Development MSc.