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DPU Team win EU grant for inequality research

20 January 2023

A team at the DPU formed by Dr. Barbara Lipietz, Dr. Alessio Kolioulis and Mr Tim Wickson, has been awarded a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions fund worth €3 million, as part of an international consortium led by Prof Agnès Deboulet from Université Paris 8/CNRS. 

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The project FairVille (Facing Inequalities and Democratic Challenges through Co-production in Cities) aims to address embedded urban inequalities and the challenge they pose to democracy in large cities and urban regions.  

It will do so by intervening in low-income neighborhoods that face socio-spatial, economic and environmental injustices (from flooding to heat waves and urban renewals) and a growing distance from the institutions and processes of representative democracy. Working across eight FairVille Labs - in Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Călărași , Dakar, Giza, London, Marseille and Paris - the project will assess the potential of deep coproduction of research, data collection, knowledge production and action research, in redefining planning policy, service delivery and local democratic pacts.  

FairVille is benefiting from the EU’s Reshaping Democracy grants package that will see €81 million (£72m) disbursed in the study of the relation between inequalities and levels of political trust in European societies. Funds for UK partners will be guaranteed by Innovate UK via UKRI’s Horizon Europe guarantee’ scheme. 



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