The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Statement of solidarity

10 February 2023

Statement of solidarity for Earthquake Victims in Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey

solidarity graphic

We express condolences and solidarity to the people of Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey. 

The earthquake turned into a tragic event affecting millions of people in the middle of winter, now made homeless. 

We don’t know how many people have died yet, likely more than 100,000.

Many of these people are refugees from Syria and already displaced from years of conflict.

Despite the severity of the earthquake, the loss of lives in the disaster was avoidable. Years of political inaction and uneven regional development led to an unsafe built environment, which explains the massive number of buildings collapsed. 

In Syria and Rojava, years of conflict have resulted to a deterioration of the built environment and infrastructures, with regions in Northern Syria and South East of Turkey persecuted and overlooked. Turkey has good building codes but the built environment and infrastructure needs to be put in practice safely and equitably in order to prevent losses of life. This should include recognition of regional differences and vulnerabilities.

We call on our networks to donate and organise events to assist the people of Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey to recover and heal from this tragic event.

In solidarity,

DPU staff and students on the picket line