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UCL-WaterAid project with DPU contribution launches results on safe sanitation action

2 September 2022

Under a joint SDG initiative University College London and WaterAid co-launch outputs from their project titled ‘Cross-sectoral benefits of action in sanitation’. The DPU's Dr Pascale Hofmann is part of the core cross-departmental UCL team led by Priti Parikh.

WaterAid SDG's visual summary

The outputs consist of a policy brief and case studies that demonstrate the role sanitation plays in achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

WaterAid works to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to communities that need them and their collaboration with EfID highlights new pathways to harness the far-reaching benefits of investing in safe sanitation. 

In the policy brief, three principles are outlined to help maximize the synergies identified between sanitation action and all 17 SDGs. In the extended version, a collection of three case studies in Sub-Saharan Africa provides practical insights into the principles. The policy brief and case studies were co-developed building on a global review where the UCL team mapped the links – actions, synergies and trade-offs - between sanitation and the Targets of the SDGs (see study here).  

Special thanks to core UCL team, Dr Pascale Hofmann, Professor Luiza Campos, Professor Monica Lakhanpaul and Dr Ine Steenmans and researchers, Maria Jose Nieto, Dr Loan Diep and Dr Kerry Bobbins. 

For more information on this project, visit here