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DPU co-led project awarded UCL’s Grand Challenges 'Place: Equality & Prosperity' call

28 February 2022

Congratulations to DPU's Dr. Emmanuel Osuteye and IGP's Dr. Hanna Baumann for receiving funding from UCL Grand Challenges 2021-22 Special Initiative for their project 'Urban Prosperity: towards new concepts, methods, and pathways to impact for place-based flourishing in cities'

urban prosperity
The collaborative project between DPU and IGP has received almost £10,000 funding, and will position UCL at the forefront of the emerging Urban Prosperity research field and enable the applicants to build a strong case for future funding.
Cities are frequently portrayed as engines of prosperity, whether in discourses about the Sustainable Development Goals, in the UK’s ‘levelling up’ agenda, or in debates on ‘building back better’ post-Covid. However, such dominant understandings of urban prosperity often lack a critical focus on intra-urban inequalities and various communities’ unique aspirations.

There is therefore a need for co-produced knowledge about urban quality of life and for new policy agendas based on local visions for better urban futures. This project aims to set out an intellectual agenda on Urban Prosperity, understood through urban communities’ own perspectives and visions for flourishing. It does so through a series of workshops, resulting in three working papers.

These publications will consolidate conceptual thinking, methodological best practices, and pathways to impact across research sites.