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DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi receives funding for research project on the "Neo-Apartheid city”

17 February 2021

Congratulations to the DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi, Programme Leader of the MSc Health in Urban Development, for receiving the Urban Studies Foundation Seminar Series Awards

the Neo-Apartheid city

The award, received in collaboration with Dr. Mori Ram (Newcastle University) and Dr. Charlotte Lemanski (University of Cambridge) will fund the project and seminars series “Infrastructure, Inequality and the Neo-Apartheid city”.

The project will focus on apartheid as a systemic institutionalised process of division that drives apart communities and is framed by variegated modes of governance that generate unequal integration into the polity.

The primary focus will be on three parameters of analysis: Urban Health and the infrastructure of apartheid, Citizenship, capital and infrastructure in the apartheid city and Mobility and movement beyond apartheid