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DPU's KNOW project is pleased to launch its new City Partner pages

19 May 2020

Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) City Pages are a dedicated space for each of our KNOW City Partners to share their investigations, local teams, outputs, and more as they coproduce pathways to urban equality in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

KNOW city pages

A central focus of KNOW is co-production of knowledge through partnerships of equivalence. This means working and learning collaboratively in active partnership with a multi-disciplinary cohort of international partners. In doing so, KNOW helps 

  • co-create localised research,

  • expand capacity building,

  • and bridge knowledge gaps and initiate innovative collective action through local and regional urban learning hubs.  

​KNOW collaborate with 12 x City Partners across Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia. 

KNOW's City Partners are central to ensuring knowledge is co-produced, shared, and turned into action, which can be used to inform policy and practice, along with the education of future urban practitioners.

Working in 12 cities across the global South (Barranquilla, Havana, Lima and San José in Latin America; Da Nang, Jaipur, Nakhon Sawan, Yangon and Yogyakarta in Asia; and Dar es Salaam, Kampala and Freetown in Africa) KNOW seeks to find effective ways of delivering prosperity, tackling extreme poverty, and building urban resilience by working directly with local actors. Our City Partners are core to the programme, building on connections and partnerships the DPU has developed over many years. As such, these partnerships with equivalence are central to ensuring local actors are meaningfully involved at the forefront of KNOW research, helping to shape pathways to urban equality. 

See more at www.urban-know.com/cities 

Or visit our individual city sites 

Dar es Salaam 
Exploring land use development and inequalities in selected peri-urban and inner- city settlements

Innovative waste economies for inclusive urban development

Exploring a city-wide learning platform in planning equitable urban development 

Collaborative urban planning towards a fairer and more resilient metropolis 

Impact of the service economy and participatory planning on urban equality 

ACHR Network 
Linking community-led development and urban equality across four South East Asian cities