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DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi receives the Health and Context GCRF grant

30 April 2020

Congratulations to the DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi, Programme Leader of the MSc Health in Urban Development, for receiving the Health and Context GCRF grant as a Co-PI for a project that will focus on Type 2 diabetes in Ghana


The project is led by Dr. Edward Fottrell, Director UCL Centre for Global Non-communicable Diseases.

The project will focus on Type 2 diabetes (T2D) affects approximately 6% of adults in Ghana resulting in poor mental and physical health, premature death, and increased costs for individuals, families and healthcare services.

The CARE: Diabetes project represents a research collaboration between public health specialists, historians, social scientists, economists, political scientists, psychologists, pharmacists and engineers to understand the contextual drivers and consequences of T2D in three urban communities in Accra, Ghana. This will include research into the historical, political and physical context of T2D, giving us insights into how environmental, economic and social factors have shaped T2D risk in this urban setting.