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DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi receives grant for a research project on power, violence and health in Gaza

9 May 2019


Congratulations to the DPU's Prof. Haim Yacobi, Programme Leader of the MSc Health in Urban Development, for receiving the Wellcome Trust Small Grant in Humanities and Social Science, 'Gaza: The spatio-politics of health, death and life'. This research project is in collaboration with Prof Michelle Pace from Roskilde University, focuses on an urgent humanitarian case: the case of Gaza.

This project examines how power, violence and health are entangled in conflicts zone in general and in Gaza in particular. The project will document and critically analyse the effect of infrastructure demolition on health in Gaza especially in relation to: access to health services, access to nutrition, access to water; to nuance humanitarian interventions and their effects on health in Gaza and examine emerging alternative forms of resilience in relation to health among Gaza inhabitants.