The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU staff nominated for Student Choice Awards

3 June 2019

Congratulations to all our staff members who were nominated for the 2019 Student Choice awards

student choice awards

The Student Choice Awards, run by UCL Students Union, are a way for students to thank an amazing member of staff, and let them know that their hard work makes a difference. This year numerous DPU staff members were nominated for the awards.

The full list of nominations are below.

Nominated for Amazing Support staff Award
Tim Wickson
Azadeh Mashayekhi
Michael Casey-Gilman
Nominated Brilliant Research-Based Teaching Award
Camillo Boano
Michael Walls
Susannah Fisher
Nominated for Active Student Partnership Award
Alex Frediani
Naji Makarem
Azadeh Mashayekhi
Nominated for Diverse & Inclusive Curriculum Award
Caren Levy
Nominated for Inspiring Teaching Delivery Award
Julian Walker
Alex Frediani
Caren Levy
Ruth McLeod
Kamna Patel
Yves Cabannes
Excellent Personal Tutoring Award
Le-Yin Zhang
Donald Brown

Tim Wickson
Exceptional Feedback Award
Pascale Hofmann
Stephanie Butcher