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DPU BUDDlab Volume 11 published

3 June 2019

The BUDDlab Volume 11 has been published and is available to download on our website

Urban mobility: surveillance spaces and spaces of belonging

We are happy to announce the launch of the 11th volume of the BUDDlab, a publication that documents and reflects upon urban mobility, and particularly, focusses on spaces of crossing and transit where narratives and practices endowed by long term residents and newcomers meet.

During a three-day workshop held in February in Brescia, a medium size city in Italy, MSc BUDD students were tasked to engage with a variety of urban actors to develop design strategies that approach urban mobility as a subjective matter and identify spaces of belonging and new practices of living together. As part of a long term partnership with LDA (Local Democracy Agency in Zavidovici), and embedded onto DPU action research, the workshop is one kind of engagement where participants are faced with a multiplicity of intersubjective dilemmas, pitfalls and complexities, that call into question urban mobility as a fundamental need and as a right that can produce segregated citizenship but can also build opportunities for encounter.

The 11th volume of the BUDDlab is available on the BUDDcamp page here (link)