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DPU summerLab 2017 launched

6 May 2017

Nicosia summerlab
The DPU summerLab team is glad to announce the launch of the DPU summerLab 2017 series. We are glad to confirm some destinations from the the previous years’ series while landing in new exciting cities too. 
The schedule will run as follows: 
  • Monday 28 August - Saturday 2 September, Trieste/Koper ‘Borderland Heritage’;
  • Monday 4 - Saturday 9 September, Palermo ‘Un-Layering Identities’
  • Sunday 10 - Friday 15 September, Jerusalem ‘[Inter]sections of Urban Conflicts’
  • Monday 18 - Saturday 23 September, Nicosia ‘Inhabiting Edges’
  • Monday 18 - Saturday 23 September, London ‘Constructing Healthier Urbanisms’
Please notice that the workshops in Nicosia and London will be held during the same week.
The initiative is led by Camillo Boano and Giorgio Talocci, and has been shaped in collaboration with a series of local partners, that we would like to thank for the amazing effort in preparing the programme: Bostjan Bugaric (Architectuul Berlin) and Giulia Carabelli (Max Planck Institute) in Trieste/Koper; Sharon Ambrosio and Deborah Navarra (urbanita) in Palermo; Haim Yacobi in Jerusalem; Kay Pallaris (Mapping Future Ltd) in London.
The workshop series aims to leverage the reality of the city as a laboratory for developing socially responsive design and planning measures drawing on the progressive action-research ethos of the DPU in collaboration with local partners. It is intended to provoke, stimulate, and reconsider the role of designers and practitioners in promoting spatial justice. The workshops, geared toward students and emerging professionals, offer a vital testing ground for designing investigative spatial strategies embedded in the socio-political agendas of contested spaces.
The application deadline for all summerLab workshops is on Monday 3 July 2017. For more information and to apply, visit the summerLab webpage. We welcome expressions of interest and queries: you can write to us at dpusummerlab@ucl.ac.uk.
summerLab 2017