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“Resilient Barrios Altos” workshop begins in Lima

4 February 2016

climb sin riesgo

The Workshop "Resilient Barrios Altos" held by the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI) has begun in Lima and will continue through the month of February. This workshop was brought about by an interest in the work that the DPU and Centro de Investigación, Documentación y Asesoría Poblacional (CIDAP) are carrying out in Barrios Altos, using mapping and identifying risks as well as the costs to mitigate them, while actively engaging with neighbours and public entities to co-produce knowledge.

Peruvian university students from the fields of architecture, engineering and social sciences were called upon and 44 were selected to co-investigate and produce low-cost interventions together with the neighbours from Barrios Altos. The criteria for these interventions is that they should improve the residents living conditions by reducing everyday risks and vulnerabilities; and for the methodology to be open and replicable in other places.

This is the first of a series of future participatory projects that aim to establish a longer term collaboration between UNI students and the neighbours in Barrios Altos as well as with the DPU and CIDAP.

More can be found out about the cLima sin Riesgo project on our dedicated microsite.