The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Award for contributions of SLURC project manager to socioeconomic development of country

18 August 2016

dr bun kamara

We are delighted that Dr. Ibrahim Bun Kamara, project manager at DPU’s collaborative Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) has received the Journalists for Credibility and Professionalism award. The meritorious award recognises Ibrahim’s endeavours to maintain an excellent performance in coordinating socioeconomic activities for the development of the country.

Based in Freetown, SLURC is a globally connected urban research centre created through DPU’s partnership with the Institute of Geography and Development Studies (Njala University). SLURC aims to build the research and analysis capacity of urban stakeholders in Sierra Leone, to make urban knowledge available and accessible, and to deliver world leading research in order to influence the country’s urban policy and practice.

Before joining SLURC as project manager, Dr. Ibrahim Bun Kamara worked as national economist with UNDP and later became Chief Technical Advisor and National Project Coordinator with FAO for the strategic planning and economic analysis team project. During the Ebola outbreak, he also worked as Field Crisis Manager for Koinadugu district.

Furthermore, reflecting on the research methods training for urban development which was conducted by SLURC how dedicated the organization is towards the development of this country.