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Caren Levy receives student choice award for outstanding teaching

19 June 2015

Caren Levy receives student choice award for outstanding teaching

On Monday 8 June 2015 Caren Levy was presented with an award for Outstanding Teaching in UCL at the UCL Union’s Student Choice Teaching Awards 2015.

We are delighted that Caren’s contribution to teaching and learning in the DPU and beyond has been recognised by UCL, but most importantly because this award is made on the basis of nominations from students themselves.

Below is a selection of the comments made by students in support of her nomination:

“Every single time Caren gives a lecture, students leave the class feeling refreshed, inspired, and intellectually stimulated, regardless of how tired they may have been at the beginning of the class. We walk out talking about how great the class was, and get excited about not only the next class, but about our future careers. It is not easy to come across a lecturer who is able to have this type of impact on so many students!”

“With a strong passion for the subjects she teaches, Caren combines years of knowledge and experience, action research and teaching. She is very inspiring and has taught me to see the world in a different way and to be critical and question many things I used to take for granted.”

“One would think that a three hours class would feel long and daunting, but this is not the case whenever Caren teaches. I actually personally feel her classes are never long enough and I always feel more energized on my way out that on my way in. Caren demonstrates to us every week that there is room to be an optimist even when dealing with very difficult and fragile situations.”

“Caren is always available for a little chat and with a short conversation gives sound and sensible advice, and academic guidance when needed. She has a brilliant mind and immediately understands the context and helps reframe the issues as in a helpful way, to forward our thinking.”

We would also like to recognise the other members of DPU staff who were nominated by the students. Congratulations to Antonio Estache, Julian Walker, Liza Griffin, Robert Biel and Chris Yap.

And finally thank you to the DPU students who took the time to complete the nominations – it is incredibly important to all of us at the DPU that our teaching is having such a positive impact on you.