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DPU summerLab 2014 pamphlet now out - free download

6 February 2015

The DPU summerLab 2014 series pamphlet is now available online.

2014 summerLab pamphlet launch

You can download the document (pdf) for free or view the document below. 

This 56-page-tabloid publication is edited by Camillo Boano and Giorgio Talocci, with a beautiful design by Giovanna Astolfo and the invaluable collaboration and advice of Giulia Carabelli in reviewing all texts.

The publication features work and reflections coming from our workshops in Medellin, Beirut, London. Our local collaborators Catalina Ortiz, Dalia Chabarek from Public Interest Design Levant, and Alberto Duman reason on their cities’ contested grand narratives and emergent urbanisms, while Camillo Boano, Caroline Newton and Giorgio Talocci build on the participants’ works to question the current discipline and praxis of urban and architectural design. 

Each section also contains reflective pieces by the workshop's participants, and a special contribution by people that are (or have been) actively involved in the transformation of the environments where this year’s summerLab series took place: Rubyselen Ortiz Sanchez from Comuna 8, Medellin; Diala Lteif and Vrouyr Joubanian from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts; Sue Brownill and Tamsin Omond in a dialogue on the past, present and future of the Royal Docks. 

The DPU summerLab team is happy to announce also the special insert ‘Depoliticising Verticality’, featuring a contribution by Josue Caraballo and projects by the students of the USF School of Architecture + Community Design, who enthusiastically took part in the last two editions of the London summerLab.

To find out more about the DPU summerLab and to stay tuned for more information about the 2015 programmes please visit thedpu summerLab webpages.