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Introducing the DPU Student Photography Project

24 June 2014

DPU photography project launch

A group of MSc students from The Bartlett Development Planning Unit are proud to announce the launch of the DPU Photography Project Blog.

A key component of each of the Masters programmes here at the DPU is an overseas fieldwork project. These field trips equip students with important research skills and experience applying them in practice by working in close collaboration with community groups and local partner organisations.

Some students, from across the DPU's six MSc programmes, united in a photography project through which they documented their experiences and observations under several different themes: Urban Landscapes; Adaptation and Sustenance; Complex Issues; Simple Solutions; Cultural Identity; Humans and Nature; Portraits; Under Cover of Darkness; Black, White and Colours; Weird and Funny.

David Hoffmann, a student of the MSc Urban Economic Development, introduces the concept:

"We are a group of 30 DPU students, hailing from 19 different countries, with a passion for photography. Traveling abroad for fieldwork as part of our MSc programmes, we agreed to take photos to share experiences from our unique trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cambodia and Peru. Before the trip we selected nine themes that served as creative lenses for participating photographers.

For us this blog became a temporary platform to experiment and explore the potential of photography.  For you we hope that the blog is conducive of real insight into people’s work and day-to-day experiences, allowing you to emotionally engage with different realities as depicted in the pictures and giving food for thought.

The final blog works as a mosaic of moments and motifs that will hopefully capture your attention."

A selection of images taken as part of this project are currently being used for the image carousel on the DPU's main homepage.

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