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Robert Biel publishes his latest book, 'The Entropy of Capitalism'

19 March 2013

The Entropy of Capitalism. Cover

Drawing on his experience in international systems and low-input agriculture, the book sees Biel exploring the interactions of social and physical systems. In the process he reveals the early twenty-first century as a period when capitalism starts parasitising on the chaos it itself creates, notably in the link between the two sides of imperialism: militarism (the ‘war on terror’) and speculative finance capital. The project is published by Haymarket and is part of their Studies in Critical Social Science Book Series. It is available through the Haymarket or Amazon.

Robert Biel is a former lecturer in political ecology at the DPU and still very much involved with the Unit, especially through its PhD programme in which he formerly led. His early book The New Imperialism was published by Zed Books in 2000. He continues to research extensively on systems theory and has enjoyed a more recent particular focus on many facets of urban agriculture programmes.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding launch events for the book...