The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


European Union grant obtained for "Global Identity through Human Development"

3 June 2013

PV in Kisumu-Kenya

Picture from MSc SDP field-trip using Participatory Video to explore wellbeing impacts of slum upgrading in Kisumu, Kenya. By ©Fernando Martinez

The DPU, in collaboration with six other European universities, was awarded a grant to undertake a two-week summer school in 2014 to explore the investigation of Human Development through Participatory Video. The initiative, also involving Universitat Jaume I, Universitat Politécnica de València, University of Bath, Università di Pavia, Universitat de Valencia, and the Universitea de Vest din Timisoara, will engage 30 students and 12 lecturers of 10 masters on development and international cooperation from across 4 EU counties.  From the DPU, the project will be joined by Media Coordinator Gynna Millan who will lead on the use of Participatory Video (PV), and Dr. Alexandre Apsan Frediani for his work on the Capability Approach and Human Development. Five scholarships will be made available for 2013-2014 students from the Social Development Practice programme to participate in the summer school.

The initiative will involve an action-research project in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo of Castellón in Spain. The goals of the summer school are to a) facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences on human development, incorporating the interaction with groups at risk of exclusion, b) to promote better pedagogies through PV and c) to generate a collaborative space with the aim of preparing future pedagogical initiatives. Beyond this, the wider aim is to establish an academic European network on Development Cooperation and Human Development. For more information, see the project website: