The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Mapping popular resistance and dwelling practices in the slopes of Bogotá hills, Colombia.

20 November 2012

Workshop Bogota

The 'Heuristics' research platform interrogates the political agency of mapping and maps through two strategies. The first one called Dialogues on the Move has articulated so far five stops in Milan, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and London, where practitioners and academics from all over the world have come together to join heads in responding to the core questions addressed by the platform. To parallel this series with a hands-on approach, we have just held the first Action Learning Alliance hosted in Bogota, Colombia. The workshop brought together local communities, practitioners, academics and representatives of relevant government agencies who mapped together past, current and future strategies and popular dwelling practices that can mitigate and manage risk in the slopes of Bogota hills not just for the protection of the forest reserve uphill but also of the right to the city of the communities settled in this territory.