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Speculations on a Good City - BUDDlab3

20 February 2012


BUDDlab Volume 3 is now available for download.

The BUDDlab series documents a variety of explorations of the MSc BUDD and illustrates the necessary juxtaposition of field research practice and critically reflective reading and writing.

'Speculations on a Good City' represents the written output of the master's BU1 Module 'Transforming Local Areas: Urban Design in Development' and follows two previous volumes on fieldwork in Wales and Brescia during BUDDcamp.

From an abundance of visions the volume presents a selection of essays, which together capture the varied perceptions of what a ‘good city’ might be, what values of a city are worth highlighting, which existing cities might serve as ‘good’ examples, and what concepts and design strategies may yield a ‘good city’. While not all reflections are case based, specific cases include Rosario, London, Santiago, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo and Edinburgh.

Visit here to read and download the issue in PDF format.