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Kingsley Edward

Learn about Kingsley Edward, Development Planning MPhil/PhD student starting his studies in 2023.

About Kingsley Edward

Here is Kingsley Edward, a Nigerian-British student of the Development Planning MPhil/PhD course at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Kingsley's thesis explores 'The role of cultural values and norms on environmental performance of multinational oil companies operating in Nigeria', spanning topics in human rights, environmental pollution, transnational business, and corporate social responsibility.

Kingsley's research focus

I am PhD candidate and the focus of my research is to explore how local culture, values and norms might be constraining the environmental performance of multination oil companies operating in Nigeria. 

Kingsley's academic background

My academic history includes the following qualification: (i) BSc in Medical laboratory Science; (ii) MSc in Human Nutrition; (iii) PGD in Huan Rights and Development Management; and (iv) MSc in Development Management. 

Kingsley's professional experiences

I started my professional carer in the healthcare sector, specifically in the area of diagnostic medicine, working as a Biomedical Scientist with specialisation in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. After working for many years in several hospitals in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, I decided to pursue postgraduate studies in human rights and development management; and my interest in these areas is motivated by my desire to undertake research work that will hopefully illuminate underlying causes of, and profess sustainable solutions to, the socio-economic, environmental, and public health problems associated oil exploration in my native country Nigeria. 

More about Kingsley

In my spare time I enjoy reading inspirational books, watching informative documentaries, and volunteering. 

Primary supervisor: Professor Adriana Allen  

Secondary Supervisor: Dr Pascale Hofmann

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