The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Kay Pallaris

Kay has a background in Geography and Environmental Science (modelling, monitoring and managing environmental change) and is herself a graduate of the MSc Building and Urban Design in Development (2012/13).

She has several years experience managing programmes and delivering projects which have focused on sustainable environmental planning, urban regeneration, service design and spatial research. Her focus has been the use of geospatial technologies for smarter urban planning, with experience in GIS modelling and analysis to understand, define and visualise baseline conditions and form evidence-driven spatial intervention strategies.

Having worked on large scale urban regeneration programmes, including the redevelopment of the Lower Lea Valley to host the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, she recently founded Mapping Futures and has worked at the Neighbourhood Planning scale providing community groups with baseline data and mapping services to help them develop robust neighbourhood strategies. 

Kay’s research interests include exploring the impacts of urban design on health and wellbeing, climate change adaptation, digital participatory processes and exploring the use of geospatial technologies for smarter urban planning.